Saturday, March 24, 2012

Preventing and treating drug with smartphones

Preventing and treating drug with smartphones - Clinical researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical college (UMMS) are combining an innovative constellation of technologies like artificial intelligence, smartphone programming, biosensors and wireless connectivity to develop a tool designed to detect physiological stressors related to drug cravings and respond with user-tailored behavioral interventions that forestall substance use.

Preliminary information concerning the multi-media device, referred to as iHeal, was printed on-line 1st within the Journal of Medical Toxicology.

According to the study’s authors, several behavioral interventions used to treat patients are ineffective outside of the controlled clinical settings where they're taught. This failure may be attributed to many factors, together with a patient’s inability to acknowledge biological changes that indicate increased risk of relapse and an inability to alter their behaviors to scale back health risk.

Edward Boyer, MD, PhD, professor of emergency drugs at UMass Medical college and lead author of the study, worked with colleagues at UMMS and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to style a mobile device using so-called “enabling technologies” that might be used to create behavioral interventions for substance abusers more practical outside the clinic or workplace environments. The results of their work, iHeal, combines sensors to live physiological changes and detect trigger points for risky health behaviors, like substance use, with smartphone software tailored to reply with patient-specific interventions.
Individuals with a history of substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder were asked to wear an iHeal sensor band around their wrist that measures the electrical activity of the skin, body motion, skin temperature and heart rate – all indicators of stress. The band wirelessly transmits data to a smartphone, where software applications monitor and method the user’s physiological information. When the software detects an increased stress level, it asks the user to annotate events by inputting data concerning their perceived level of stress, drug cravings, and current activities. This data is then used to spot, in real-time, drug cravings and deliver customized, multimedia drug prevention interventions exactly at the instant of greatest physiological want.

Boyer and his groups examined the iHeal system design, further as preliminary feedback from initial users, to spot key attributes and assess the device’s viability. Their analyses counsel variety of technical problems associated with information security, further because the want for a a lot of strong and fewer stigmatizing version before the device may well be worn in public.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Lynn Collins cosmetic surgery

Lynn Collins cosmetic surgery - By currently, you want to remember of 34-year previous Lynn Collins and her short shorts within the sci-fi movie “John Carter,” within which plays the role of warrior princess Dejah Thoris.

While she appearance nice in her short shorts, you want to be wondering if she is all natural beauty? It will appear as if she has had cosmetic surgery, significantly breast implants as you'll be able to see within the photo below before she had breast implants.

Another rumor is that she conjointly had a nose job years back and as within the before and once photo on top of, her previous nose was quite bulbous, however the once photo shows a replacement nose that higher fits her face expression.

As for alternative cosmetic surgery procedures, I don’t suppose Lynn Collins has done over having breast implants and a potential nose job. She continues to be young, however as some celebrities age, all cosmetic surgery procedures are on the table for thought.

o keep her figure and appears, furthermore as her red carpet preparation, Lynn Collins told cowl Media at the united kingdom premiere of John Carter that: “My red carpet prep may be a very little shot of espresso, a B12 vitamin, innumerable water, innumerable chit-chat with my stunning hair and make-up team. And extremely simply being grateful. It’s concerning gratitude.”

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About Safflower Oil Nutrition

About Safflower Oil Nutrition  - Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant, scientifically called Carthamus tinctorius. A member of the Sunflower family (Asteraceae), the safflower plant could be a highly branched, herbaceous annual that grows thirty to a hundred and fifty cm in height. every branch has regarding one to 5, yellow, orange or red coloured globular flower heads. every flower head contains regarding fifteen to twenty safflower seeds. The oil extracted from these seeds is understood to possess many useful properties and is employed in an exceedingly multitude of applications. There are 2 ways that within which the oil will be extracted from the safflower seeds. One, is by the chemical method, within which the oil is refined by addition of bound chemicals to it. The second extraction method is mechanical, within which the oil is extracted with the assistance of a natural expeller. 

The mechanical method is most popular over the chemical one as all the essential nutrients are retained within the mechanically extracted oil and there's no chemical contamination. Now, that you just apprehend what's safflower oil and the way it's obtained, allow us to take a glance at safflower oil nutrition facts.

As I said earlier, safflower oil contains the best share of polyunsaturated fatty acid, linoleic acid, regarding seventieth and it's one in all the should to recollect safflower oil nutrition facts. it's thought of jointly of the foremost nutritional vegetable oils. However, because of the high polyunsaturated fat content, the oil is a lot of at risk of flip rancid when exposed to heat, light-weight or oxygen. Hence, it ought to be stored in an exceedingly cool place to extend its shelf life. Now, that you just fathom safflower oil nutrition facts, allow us to move on to safflower oil advantages.

  • Saturated Fat 13.5 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat 163 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat 31.3 g
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids 31284 mg
  • Calories 1927
  • Vitamin E 74.3 mg
  • Vitamin K 15.5 mcg
  • Choline 0.4 mg
  • Polysterols 968 mg

Safflower Oil Health advantages

This colorless and flavorless oil is very nutritious and is often used as a cooking oil or as a dressing for salads. However, it finds use in many alternative applications. Given below are some advantages of safflower oil.
The benefits of safflower oil for weight loss are known to any or all. Safflower oil prevents accumulation of excess fat within the body by rushing up the metabolism method, therefore serving to in healthy weight loss. you'll take a glance at this text to grasp how safflower oil reduces belly fat.

Safflower oil is extraordinarily useful for heart health because it is wealthy in polyunsaturated fats and contains a low saturated fat content. It helps in reducing the chance of cardiovascular diseases.
Safflower oil is believed to be useful for our overall health. It strengthens the immune system and protects us from variety of diseases and infections.

Safflower oil is beneficial in treating conditions like premenstrual syndrome. It conjointly helps in correcting irregular menstrual cycles.

Safflower oil could be a wealthy supply of vitamin E and promotes healthy skin. this is often the rationale it's utilized in variety of skin care merchandise as well as creams, lotions and moisturizers. it's occlusive properties that facilitate in preventing water from leaving the skin. Regular use of safflower oil for skin can provide you with a soft and moisturized skin.

The use of safflower oil for hair that's dry and broken will totally revitalize the hair, creating it robust, lustrous and healthy. Massaging hair with safflower oil nourishes the hair and promotes its growth. It improves the feel of the hair and prevents hair fall.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tips During Sex

Tips During Sex - there are some things that your lady (and principally all women for that matter) suppose you ought to stop doing. perhaps curtailing on doing these six things can build sex higher for each you and her. Not all men are guilty of doing all six factors however I’m positive most of you've got done a minimum of one thing at one purpose in time! conclude that six things they're when the jump.

  • Less of the Axe deodorant.

You are not fourteen anymore. As long as you shower frequently (and if you don’t, you should), there’s fully no got to drench yourself in that noxious gas that, despite what the ads might tell you, won't entice hoards of ridiculously stunning ladies to throw themselves prostrate at your balls.
  • Less of the awful underwear.

Again, you’re not fourteen anymore. Satin boxers, notably those with obnoxious, garish patterns and/or slogans, ought to be indiscriminately burnt in sacrifice to the undergarment gods. Acrid smoke in their eyes, teenage boys and 20-somethings who never grew up would weep over the ashes of their satin monstrosities. Seriously, though, chuck the heinous things out. Cotton boxers or boxer-briefs, thanks greatly. And if you continue to wear daggy y-fronts, well, you recognize what to raise for next Christmas.
  • Less rubbing it ’til it’s raw.

For men it’s all regarding friction, right? Hm. It’s similar for women, however we tend to just like the friction slightly less intense. when a short while it either hurts like solely a pain within the clitoris will, or we tend to’re thus numb we can’t feel something in the least. Pro-tip: If she’s not enjoying it, it’s in all probability not as a result of you’re not doing it onerous enough, you’re presumably simply within the wrong place. Move [*fr1] an in. and check out once more.
  • Less requesting things we tend to don’t wish to try to to.

It’s fully fine for you to raise once, by all means! If you don’t raise, you won’t get. However, if you raise and therefore the answer is ‘no’, drop it. Some guys can keep pushing to urge what they require, however extremely it’s quite straightforward — no means that no.
  • Less head pushing.

Yeah, speaking of pushing, PLEASE don't do that. Pushing a girl’s head towards your crotch is simply plain rude. more to that, if a woman is giving head she’s in all probability doing the simplest she will while not choking and/or gagging. we all know that what you primarily wish is to f*ck our mouths, however sadly that’s virtually how it works.
  • Less grotty crotches

Look, i do know most of you're in all probability awake to this already, however it’s happened enough that it warrants mentioning — if you wish us to suck it (or go anywhere close to it, in fact), provides it a once over within the rest room, okay? nobody likes a smelly dick in their bed.
Alright. currently that I’m done creating all men sound just like the absolute worst of the unwashed plenty, let me repeat: i do know not all men do this stuff all the time, however some do and that they damn well deserve a slap. If you’re a culprit, type it out. If you’re not guilty, keep calm and keep it up.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Angelina Jolie's diet Tips

Angelina Jolie's diet Tips - Angelina Jolie has terribly explicit food habits, it's claimed.

An employee of the A-List star has dished to to bear regarding the star's "food obsessions" and says Jolie has terribly completely different dietary needs.

The 36-year-old actress is renowned for her terribly slender physique and it's reported she doesn't have the largest of appetites.

"Her daily diet varies," a supply told the publication. "Sometimes it'll be simply inexperienced tea and nuts. Other days, it'll be meat and red wine, and then, back to tea and a few little portion of protein."

Another insider additionally claimed that Jolie typically requested an equivalent food over and over.

"She became obsessed on soup," an employee told the magazine. "Light soups that did not have a cream base - that became the constant request."

Meanwhile Grazia magazine alleges that the mother-of-six typically solely consumes 600 calories every day.

"Angelina has been known to start out her day with very little over a spoonful of coconut oil and one or two of cereal," a supply told the publication regarding Brad Pitt's partner.

"The worrying factor is that she is thus busy, she usually forgets to eat."

The insider added that the star would typically skip lunch or grab many almonds or gummy bears on the go, or have a protein-based shake instead of a full meal.

"Then dinner may well be one thing sort of a lean steak and a glass of red wine," the supply said.

"Everyone has been begging her to eat a lot of and he or she is making an attempt to not get any skinnier, however sadly she simply does not appear to be putting on from now on weight."

Jolie has defended her physique within the past saying that she has "always been lean".

The Digest Diet Results

The Digest Diet Results - Liz Vaccariello announced that she has place along a replacement book in partnership with Reader’s Digest magazine. It’s known as The Digest Diet, and it's secrets for quick, safe, and healthy weight loss.

She and her team investigated and came up with a listing of foods that truly teach your body to unleash fat. They compiled a 21-day arrange and place it to the take a look at over the winter. everybody in their take a look at cluster lost weight, and also the prime loser dropped twenty six pounds in exactly 3 weeks.

The Digest Diet Results

Dr. Andrew Ordon said that’s lots of weight to lose, and he asked Liz if her ways are sustainable.

“What’s exciting was that the analysis showed that losing lots of weight early during a arrange not solely causes you to lose additional weight throughout the arrange, however you retain it off,” Liz said.

She said that there are 3 phases of the diet, and also the final section is regarding learning to keep up a balanced diet throughout your life.

Digest Diet Weight Loss Foods

Liz said there are ample nice snack foods that may assist you drop further pounds. Dark Chocolate is #1 on her list, followed by Olives, Almonds and Avocados. Liz said these foods are classified as MUFAs, or MonoUnsaturated Fatty Acids.

These foods will assist you unleash fats, and these specific foods will target your belly fat. Dr. Travis said that higher concentration of Cocoa in Dark Chocolate means that less sugar content.

PUFAs: PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids

Liz mentioned another cluster of fats that truly scale back your fat. These embody the commonly touted Omega three Fatty Acids that are typically promoted in diet and weight loss plans.

Examples of these foods embody Fish, Nuts, and Seeds. These foods can assist you burn additional calories even whereas you’re not exercising.

Fatty Foods Vs Fattening Foods

Dr. Travis explained that there's a distinction between eating fat containing foods and fat building foods. He said that eating fats will assist you lose weight and improve your cholesterol.

Fat you'll be able to pinch is named Subcutaneous Fat. the harmful fat surrounding your organs is named Visceral Fat. He said that smart fats will lower Cholesterol, reducing plaques.

Pairing healthy fats with a lively lifestyle will scale back your fat and improve your overall health.

“Your MUFAs and PUFAs are ideal attributable to their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory powers to assist scale back aging,” Dr. Andrew Ordon said.

Dr. Jim Sears said these foods may also improve brain operate in kids. Liz added that these proteins facilitate management craving and cause you to feel full.

The Doctors: Coconut Oil Health advantages

Liz said that Coconut Oil is that the secret weapon on The Digest Diet. She explained that it’s a saturated fat, that you ought to normally limit. however it helps kickstart The Digest Diet, and he or she said a Brazilian study found it helped ladies improve their Cholesterol and shrink their waists.

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