Friday, March 16, 2012

Lynn Collins cosmetic surgery

Lynn Collins cosmetic surgery - By currently, you want to remember of 34-year previous Lynn Collins and her short shorts within the sci-fi movie “John Carter,” within which plays the role of warrior princess Dejah Thoris.

While she appearance nice in her short shorts, you want to be wondering if she is all natural beauty? It will appear as if she has had cosmetic surgery, significantly breast implants as you'll be able to see within the photo below before she had breast implants.

Another rumor is that she conjointly had a nose job years back and as within the before and once photo on top of, her previous nose was quite bulbous, however the once photo shows a replacement nose that higher fits her face expression.

As for alternative cosmetic surgery procedures, I don’t suppose Lynn Collins has done over having breast implants and a potential nose job. She continues to be young, however as some celebrities age, all cosmetic surgery procedures are on the table for thought.

o keep her figure and appears, furthermore as her red carpet preparation, Lynn Collins told cowl Media at the united kingdom premiere of John Carter that: “My red carpet prep may be a very little shot of espresso, a B12 vitamin, innumerable water, innumerable chit-chat with my stunning hair and make-up team. And extremely simply being grateful. It’s concerning gratitude.”

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