Friday, March 9, 2012

About Safflower Oil Nutrition

About Safflower Oil Nutrition  - Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant, scientifically called Carthamus tinctorius. A member of the Sunflower family (Asteraceae), the safflower plant could be a highly branched, herbaceous annual that grows thirty to a hundred and fifty cm in height. every branch has regarding one to 5, yellow, orange or red coloured globular flower heads. every flower head contains regarding fifteen to twenty safflower seeds. The oil extracted from these seeds is understood to possess many useful properties and is employed in an exceedingly multitude of applications. There are 2 ways that within which the oil will be extracted from the safflower seeds. One, is by the chemical method, within which the oil is refined by addition of bound chemicals to it. The second extraction method is mechanical, within which the oil is extracted with the assistance of a natural expeller. 

The mechanical method is most popular over the chemical one as all the essential nutrients are retained within the mechanically extracted oil and there's no chemical contamination. Now, that you just apprehend what's safflower oil and the way it's obtained, allow us to take a glance at safflower oil nutrition facts.

As I said earlier, safflower oil contains the best share of polyunsaturated fatty acid, linoleic acid, regarding seventieth and it's one in all the should to recollect safflower oil nutrition facts. it's thought of jointly of the foremost nutritional vegetable oils. However, because of the high polyunsaturated fat content, the oil is a lot of at risk of flip rancid when exposed to heat, light-weight or oxygen. Hence, it ought to be stored in an exceedingly cool place to extend its shelf life. Now, that you just fathom safflower oil nutrition facts, allow us to move on to safflower oil advantages.

  • Saturated Fat 13.5 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat 163 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat 31.3 g
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids 31284 mg
  • Calories 1927
  • Vitamin E 74.3 mg
  • Vitamin K 15.5 mcg
  • Choline 0.4 mg
  • Polysterols 968 mg

Safflower Oil Health advantages

This colorless and flavorless oil is very nutritious and is often used as a cooking oil or as a dressing for salads. However, it finds use in many alternative applications. Given below are some advantages of safflower oil.
The benefits of safflower oil for weight loss are known to any or all. Safflower oil prevents accumulation of excess fat within the body by rushing up the metabolism method, therefore serving to in healthy weight loss. you'll take a glance at this text to grasp how safflower oil reduces belly fat.

Safflower oil is extraordinarily useful for heart health because it is wealthy in polyunsaturated fats and contains a low saturated fat content. It helps in reducing the chance of cardiovascular diseases.
Safflower oil is believed to be useful for our overall health. It strengthens the immune system and protects us from variety of diseases and infections.

Safflower oil is beneficial in treating conditions like premenstrual syndrome. It conjointly helps in correcting irregular menstrual cycles.

Safflower oil could be a wealthy supply of vitamin E and promotes healthy skin. this is often the rationale it's utilized in variety of skin care merchandise as well as creams, lotions and moisturizers. it's occlusive properties that facilitate in preventing water from leaving the skin. Regular use of safflower oil for skin can provide you with a soft and moisturized skin.

The use of safflower oil for hair that's dry and broken will totally revitalize the hair, creating it robust, lustrous and healthy. Massaging hair with safflower oil nourishes the hair and promotes its growth. It improves the feel of the hair and prevents hair fall.


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