Monday, September 12, 2011

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - This Month or September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. whereas many of us have heard of Ovarian Cancer, its symptoms, and even a cure are pretty obscure. however there’s one Reno girl who desires to alter that.

“I love life, i really like my work, what, what am i able to do?” says Cynthia Kennedy

For quite thirty years Kennedy has created a living at interior style.

Creative and innovative she will be able to see her creations transpire into reality.

But there was no manner she might foresee what would happen to her nearly a year ago, when her issue in catching her breath would transform a diagnosis of stage four ovarian cancer.

“I said no manner, no way, how, what, where?” says Kennedy

That was her reaction as a result of she had no signs or symptoms.

And when those signs may be as imprecise as feeling bloated, amendment in bowel habits, or issue eating--few ladies would even acknowledge such warning signs signal ovarian cancer.

But Kennedy says she desires to alter all of that.

“I wish to try to to the attention and would never believe I ever waned to try to to that and be the voice for Ovarian Cancer, but I do,” says Kennedy.

To help raise funds for public awareness, Kennedy has designed the frilly, Beary Couture.

They are teddy bears manufactured from varied high finish designer cloth.

Kennedy says all of them live within the Beary Couture Forest and every features a story to inform.

She hopes the sales of those bears, in conjunction with fund raisers planned for later inside the year can go towards brochures, billboards, and tv campaigns concerning ovarian cancer.

For now, a additional immediate concern is obtaining additional bling for her bears.

She's asking anyone who desires to try to tonate rhinestone or different kind costume jewellery to do therefore in hopes that {one day|at thereforeme point|in the future|someday|sooner or later|in some unspecified time in the future} ovarian cancer does not need to be so un-bearable.

Many of the nearly 22,000 Americans diagnosed with ovarian cancer annually have symptoms, but they are often similar to those of less serious conditions. The most common signs — pelvic pain, increased abdominal size, "trouble eating" and feeling full quickly — are easily thought of as routine signs of aging by the average woman.

And most doctors agree with their assessment, dismissing the complaints or offering referrals to specialists such as gastroenterologists. Small wonder that by the time ovarian cancer is diagnosed, 85 percent of cases are in advanced stages, and more than half of the women diagnosed die within five years.


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