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How to Prevent Alzheimer with the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet, foods are made in antioxidants, compounds that scale back the chance of cognitive impairment and dementia.
The data of the study presented by the Italian society of Gerontology and Geriatrics, make a case for that if olive oil improves memory within the short term, the occasional helps to prevent doing long-term reminiscences.

In tests measuring cognitive functions, nuts increase operating memory and permit a stronger result.
A Spanish study  conducted at the University of Barcelona has deepened the analysis of the connection between diet and degenerative diseases of the brain.

The study was attended by University researchers, doctors, hospital, doctors, nutritionists and epidemiologists engaged professionally in varied public establishments. The joint project was to watch the consequences of the Mediterranean diet on the first prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The results of scientific analysis, revealed within the Journal Alzheimer's Diseases ", prove that a healthy diet, conducted in accordance with the principles of the Mediterranean diet, is in a position to considerably scale back the chance of Alzheimer's and cognitive deficits. Furthermore, the Mediterranean diet has been shown to be ready to enhance memory and brain capability normally.

Some foods were found to be related to higher cognitive operate. simply a few of tablespoons of olive oil per day to enhance verbal memory and long-term; two/tre cups of occasional per day have increased ability to store long-term memories; some of nuts, hazel nuts or alternative nuts improves memory .
A prevention-based diet would possibly represent a natural and profitable system to scale back the incidence of degenerative diseases of the brain. In Italy such pathologies are currently a major range of individuals and have a non-negligible social price.

Alzheimer's disease in our country for over three.5% of the population, statistics in hand if they supply variety of expected cases amounting to five hundred thousand per year.

Eat well for an enduring and effective prevention. and also the secret is in food.
To hamper the decay of memory, significantly those approaching the stage of lifetime of senile, you scale back calories and alter daily, limiting diet foods are however too fat and preferring those plants. sometimes people who take a lot of calories than necessary are people who eat a lot of foods made in carbohydrates, sugars and lipids, substances known to be harmful to the physical and mental balance.

This type of feeding is harming each from the purpose of read of the metabolism and also the poor quality of the nutrients that give the organism. Fat calorie diets are mainly of animal origin or return from industrial processing, finishing within the lining of the brain cells and boicottandone the right functioning.  Even the surplus sugar affects blood circulation and slows and restricts the circulation of the many brain areas, ipotecandone the conventional activity and limiting the expression of cognitive functions.

Even the younger ones would be exempted from negative influences of a poor diet on memory which will miss shots at any age. this text was revealed on nineteen March 2012 at 15:33 and is filed beneath health.

How to Prevent Alzheimer with the Mediterranean diet


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