Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pink Method Diet (New)

Pink Method Diet (New) - Dr. Phil show unveiled the new P.I.N.K. technique diet and workout weight-loss arrange, developed by Cynthia Pasquella, a licensed clinical nutritionist.

The arrange was conjointly mentioned on the syndicated show The Doctors.

P.I.N.K. -- that stands for Power, Intensity, Nutrition and cardio with a K -- is specifically designed for ladies and promotes weight loss through clean eating and no-nonsense workouts.

The P.I.N.K. technique system includes:

Nutrition Guide with over 240 pages of menu choices and recipes.
Three workout DVDs, every that includes 3 workout routines starting from 20-40 minutes.
1 bonus workout DVD, that includes 3 15-minute yoga, abs and lower body workouts.
P.I.N.K. technique certificate.
P.I.N.K. technique wristband for daily motivation.

Lifetime access to the P.I.N.K. VIP on-line program.

82-day full program.

Diet and workout plans.

Trainer and nutrition support.

Tips to personalize P.I.N.K.

Daily tracking tools.

Online community.

What's on the 3 main workout DVDS?

Phase 1: Trainer Jenna Phillips can assist you build endurance and a robust base.
Phase 2: Trainer Lisa Christie can assist you get that chiseled look.
Phase 3: Trainer Basheerah Ahmad can push you additional than you thought attainable.
Here's the parts of the diet plan:

P.I.N.K. Reset, a short-term diet designed to jump-start your metabolism.
P.I.N.K. Primary, that reintroduces the body to high-energy foods to fuel physical activity for part one of the fitness program.
7-Day Shred, a weeklong program incorporating nutrient made “Shred Soup” that blasts away the previous couple of stubborn pounds and keeps you from hitting weight-loss plateaus.
P.I.N.K. Preservation, the sustainable weight management program to stay the pounds off and maintain your ideal weight.


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